Sunday, April 7, 2013

And the giveaway winner is...

Well goodness, with the volume of entries on the Popina retro swimsuit giveaway, my plan of putting all the names into our ice bucket was quite a bit more of a chore than I expected! But dear readers, I plowed on, cutting tiny little strips of paper and wondering all the while if I should have devised a plan to have our paper shredder do it for me.

Not-so-fine print: I actually used my hands instead of our silver ice tongs, because it quickly became apparent that I'd be playing the miniature version of those maddening claw crane games. But hey, it looked cool.

But I digress! The winner of the fantastic retro swimsuit of her choice is...

Desirae of Dolled up Desirae Day! Please email me since I don't see your contact info your web site.

Congratulations, lucky lady, and thanks so much to everyone who entered and to Popina Swimwear!


  1. Congratulations Desirae =D
    And Tasha, thanks for the giveaway ^.^

    With Love
    Miss Lil'Susie ♥

  2. Yay! Huge congrats to sweet Desirae. She's such a lovely person, I just tickled pink that she won!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. congratulations !!!


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