Monday, July 23, 2012

Twin purses

Hi everyone! Yes, it's been rather quiet around here. My mom and step-dad have been in town. We've had a full house pretty much all of July!

Yesterday, my mom and I worked on a sewing project together. Neither of us could even recall when was the last time we did that. I was probably in high school!

Here's a couple of snapshots she took of our work in the basement.

You can see our new dinette table that I'll be using in my craft area. They brought it all the way from Maryland with them. It used to be in the restaurant of family friends, who had a few in storage after expanding the space some years back, and they kindly allowed me to pick one for my very own! You'll see more when I get to the point of actually taking photos around the house... which will probably be after painting... which will probably be this autumn. ;) I'm not quite sure the era, I'm guessing 30s or 40s. It's definitely much older than our 50s dinette table that's our dining table.

My mom's description and photo setup, isn't she cute? The Guinnesses were not to drink, but to hold the purses open as we had to glue the frames on. We used the same outer fabric and different linings, and then swapped linings for our pockets. I know, I know, commence a big "Awwwwww" right now. My mom did most of the sewing, I cut the pieces and did a bit of basting, and we both attached our own purse to our own frame. They really are fabulous and I think it'll be a great purse for summer into autumn. For those of you interested, it's the Gracefully Kelly pattern.

I hope to get back on track with the blog world soon. Our best friends in Chicago are moving out of the country this week (though we'll now have friends to visit in Wales) and I haven't really been excited to document all the goings on in life lately. Though another thing that may keep me a bit more quiet than usual—as you know the Olympics start this Friday. What you don't know: I'm a huge, rabid Olympics fan (though much more winter than summer). I'll be participating in Ravelry's Ravellenic Games 2012, so I'll basically drop all crafty projects for 2 weeks except for a new project I'll be knitting specifically for the games. They will be fair isle legwarmers for autumn, which I think will look darling with some land girl-esque boots and 40s wool skirts (yes, it's going to be 100 out today and I'm already plotting my cooler weather wardrobe!). I'll be using a chart from a fair isle sweater pattern, with Shetland wool, and making up the legwarmer pattern on the fly. Hopefully I'll be able to complete them during the Olympics. In 2010 I was able to complete a sweater (albeit worsted weight) and fingerless gloves, so I set the bar rather high for myself! I'll definitely check in with at least one or two progress reports during the games. Let me know if you're participating, too!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying yourselves!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy!

    I like the Olympics too and of course it's Olympic crazy here as it's being held in London, just up the road from me but sadly I won't be attending tickets were being sold when I was totally broke so sadly didn't get any.

  2. These purses are so lovely! Wish my mum could sew so that we could things like this together, thanks for the link I will take a look at the pattern and see if i can attempt to make one
    Isabella xxx

  3. That dinette table is REALLY cute! So perfect for your sewing space :)

    I am totally planning my fall wardrobe right now too. I love summer but the colors & textures of fall (and the CLOTHES!) are so much better.

  4. I am fast becoming a rabid Olympic fan! I didn't think it would happen - but it has and I can't wait for them to begin!!!

    Awwww... Twinsies! Love that fabric :)

  5. That twin purses are great. What better way for you and your mom to be reminded of each other than by having the same purse. I've been knitting my mom a ton of hats and scarves. I doubt she'll really need them since she's in So Cal, but she really loves them.
    I'll have to take a look at that tutorial. I bought some metals frames not too long ago.
    The table looks great. I can't wait to see how the table turns out.

  6. I'm one of those going to say "aawwwwww"! Adorable purses, you've tempted me into downloading the pattern. I'm currently working on a coat and am very excited about autumn sewing. But like you, I'm even more excited about the OLYMPICS!!!! The torch relay is coming to our part of London tomorrow, I can barely sleep! x

  7. Cute bags, Whales is a pretty cool place, just don't speed there, they have video cameras and will bust you in a heart beat.

  8. I'm super excited about the Olympics too! :) But like you, more of a Winter olympics fan. At least there we (that would be Norway) stand a chance at winning something! ;)

  9. What is your Rav project going to be? mine is the color affection shawl

  10. What will your Ravellenic project be? I am attempting the Color Affection Shawl.

  11. What completely darling matching purses - made all the more special because you created them with your mom.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. I didn't know about the Ravellenic Games 2012 as I have been doing heaps of sewing lately. Now I know I have signed up and hope to finish my Debonair Jumper from A Stich in Time. This is just the puch I needed to get it finished - thanks for letting me know about the Games!!

  13. There is so much cute in the post I can barely stand it :) It's just the sweetest thing!

  14. Love the purses! I might just have to make one for myself. We have friends moving away, too. It totally sucks! Although, at least your friends are moving to Wales. That kinda makes up for it! :-)

  15. Oh my--I'm coveting that table so much! :) I could kick myself years ago when I used to find them a dime a dozen at antique shops, but never bought one to keep in storage for the day I'd need it. :/ Now they've gotten so expensive (or the ones I do find aren't in great condition). :p Blah!

    Those purses are so cute! Isn't it fun doing something creative with your mom?

    I really need to check out the Ravelry Olympics thing--I've been bit by the knitting bug again lately, and been flipping through all my books to get ideas of what to make. ;) hehe!

  16. Hey...that table looks awfully familiar!

    I just wish I had a nice space to showcase it. It's absolutely horrible in my 1970s kitchen (blah, what an ugly era, and of course everything has to be orange and brown in my apartment!)


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