Friday, June 22, 2012

Made and Making No. 2

Happy Friday! Here's the second installment of my new Made and Making series. Gosh there's been a lot of sewing this week, which is very unfortunate for the knitting project I'm really supposed to be working on!

{all images link to Flickr for full size}

Clockwise from upper left

1. Dress in progress. And it doesn't fit on my dress form! But before you worry, it's only because apparently a 9" side zipper isn't big enough to clear the shoulders of my dress form. It fits on me just fine (with extra ease, even). It's frustrating because now that means I have to recruit Mel to help me hem it, and we haven't had time. So it's completely finished except the hem. Isn't the center front pleat cute? Well, such as it is, pinned to the front of my dress form...
2. My grandmother's earrings. Aren't they darling? My mom gave them to me awhile back. Little palm trees embedded in plastic (lucite, perhaps). They're screw back and I'm converting them to post back so I can wear them. I've been meaning to do this for ages. I have a lot of little things like that, so I'm hoping this summer to tackle some of those niggling things that linger on my mental crafty to-do list!
3. Cherries to make popsicles. You may call them ice pops, or ice lollies. I recently got a book and molds to make frozen treats on a stick. I tried to take a picture of how badly my hands were stained after, but it looked like I'd committed murder. The ice pops turned out yummy—cherries, yogurt and a bit of honey, mostly!
4. Pretty great lapped zipper. If I do say so myself! I love the look of them, and you'll often see them in vintage clothing. I've done a couple (including the above unhemmed dress) and each time it's been a little easier than the last, but this time I tried the method Casey outlined in her circle skirt sew-along last year. Along with lots of basting, I used tape to give me a stitching guideline since I decided not to hand-pick it this time. Though I think it looks better when it's not all still basted and taped and un-pressed. lol
5. The last of the first batch of radishes. With locally-made tortillas (Chicago is full of tortillerias), eggs over medium, a bit of cheddar cheese, scallions from our CSA and cilantro and radishes from my container gardening. (I forgot to mention last week that the few things we're growing are in containers.)
6. My sewing notebook and skirt pattern. Last month, Kerry at Kestrel Finds & Makes wrote a post about her sewing diary. With my sewing relatively sporadic last year, I wanted that to change. I knew my random sticky notes here and there and nonsensical scribbles were not going to help the cause, so inspired by Kerry, I started a sewing notebook. Friends, if you don't have one, get one! It's amazing the difference a little notebook can make. I have an entire page about the muslin of my skirt, a 40s bias cut pattern from New York Patterns. I love their envelopes!

Hope you have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Oooooh! That's right pretty fabric. I must have caught the "sew it yourself" bug pretty bad - it's all I can think about of late.

  2. Love the notebook idea... I shall have to do this :)

  3. Wow I love the dress,the colours are so sweet...and your grandmother's earrings are perfect, so amazing!!!
    I love your blog,everything about it breathes vintage!
    I also have a blog, so if you want to take a peek and want to follow my page, feel it is a pleasure.

    P.S.Sorry my bad English.

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie ♥

  4. I can't wait to see your finished dress - the fabric is gorgeous!

  5. I want to make a sewing notebook too! I have all these grand ideas but have I actually bought a notebook? OF COURSE NOT haha :)

  6. That brown and red fabric is so lovely! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. Please say you'll share the recipe for those cherry popsicles! They sound so good!

  8. Those earrings are so great. The zipper is really fun and cool looking.

  9. Aaaah once again I love all of these things! The fabric on that dress is beautiful.

  10. I love those earrings! Too cute! I converted some of my screw backs to post backs last night. Just waiting for the glue to dry. :)

  11. Love, love, love those massively cute (and super fun!) palm tree earrings. They're exactly the thing to wear to kick off the joyful start of summer this week.

    Wishing you a stellar weekend, sweet gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Those earrings are fantastic! And extra nice that they belonged to your Gran too. Glad to hear the sewing notebook is a success as well :)

  13. My mother in law who lived through the depression and WW2 never wasted anything. She told us they made popsicles with the leftover juice in canned fruit. I also remember the ice cream was made without electric freezers in a large bowl. it was hard and served by scraping it out. I inherited the special ice cream bowl. It now holds fresh fruit on my kitchen counter.

  14. I can't wait to see that dress finished! :D

    Hooray for sewing diaries! I LOVE keeping things jotted down or sketched out in notebooks. I've kept a sketchbook specifically for my ideas since I was a teenager, and now have about a dozen of them with ideas, schematics, calculations, measurements--you name it! lol. It makes finding things so much easier--I'm too much of a scatterbrain otherwise! lol.

  15. I love this Made and Making post, it is a great way to share other things you have been doing. I grew radishes this year too - I grew black heirloom ones - they were so hot I couldn't eat them. I hope yours are better!!

  16. This is so great! Not only is it a great post format (I might have to steal it for my blog ;p) but I love being able to see what you are up to! Those cherry popscicles sound really good! I might have to try them myself...

    1. Please do steal it as I can hardly claim credit for the format anyway, I've seen it loads! :D


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