Monday, November 7, 2011

My guest post at Elegant Musings

Hi everyone! Ever wanted to sew a ribbon button band onto a cardigan? I'm excited to point you to my guest post today over at Casey's Elegant Musings, where you can read my tutorial!

See, I told you that you'd hear more about the Campus Compliments cardigan pattern I posted. ;)


  1. Great!! This is another blog I follow, so it's nice :-)

  2. Great job! It must've been interesting because I don't even knit and I read the WHOLE THING!!!

  3. How funny - an Anthropologie cardigan I bought just arrived in the mail today, and it has grosgrain ribbon along the button band! Going to have to go and have a look and see how they applied it...

  4. You are so clever, this has inspired me. x

  5. You're becoming quite the celebrity, I'm seeing you all over the interwebs. :) Mega Congrats!

    I love the ribbon-cardigan tutorial also... I think I may use this on my current cardigan since I haven't started the button-band side (but I'd need to put the ribbon on the underside of mine).


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