Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to life

I'm back! There aren't enough exclamation points in the world to express how glad I am to have my life back after two weeks of working non-stop. But I made it through somehow, and now I have a lot of catching up to do!

Because I didn't get a chance to properly do so before I was thrust into crazy work zone, let me first say a heartfelt thank you to you all for the wonderfully kind comments on my wedding photo post. I'm so happy I was able to share that with you. Of course I don't know very many of you in person, but I do feel like my 'readers' (seems a cold term, doesn't it?) are part of my online family. :)

Anyway, since I did nothing but work for two weeks I really have little to share! I still have to do an outfit post from prior to my crazy two weeks of work, but instead here's an outfit post from this weekend. We packed a lot into yesterday and today since I was able to do nothing for so long. Today's outing involved a lovely brunch at our friend's house complete with champagne with a smidge of St. Germain,  savory casseroles, biscuits and cobbler. Oh my, was it ever yummy! So I'm featuring the outfit I wore for today's adventures.

In the last couple of weeks I received two parcels in the mail that I didn't even get a chance to really open until this weekend. (Isn't that crazy? How can you be too busy to open goodies from the mail?!) One was a vintage sundress all the way from Latvia with a 'folkloric' feel. The other was an order from beltmaker Cassie Stephens, whose Etsy shop I've always drooled over. I tend to be one of those people who hem and haw over something for so long that it takes me forever to make a decision. I knew I wanted one of her belts but could never seem to decide on what buckle or what fabric. I finally decided on two, and boy am I ever pleased! Not only was she a sweatheart to work with, the belts were packaged wonderfully, and they are beautiful.  I just love, love, love them to bits!

So of course, my outfit today featured my two new purchases.

The dress features contrasting blue bias trim and two large pockets. I swapped out the self belt for one of my new belts. I have a difficult time pairing prints together, so I'm trying to learn to be a bit more daring. I think it worked!

I also tried another thing that was a change from my norm. I am usually a red nail polish girl, but I know women in the 40s did venture out into other colors, so I thought I'd try a periwinkle blue. It was really fun to do a half moon manicure this way! I may have to try this out with some other colors.

I particularly loved how it tied in with the belt!

I've been really into yellow lately, so I threw a bit of that in with my Bakelite bangles and Sven clogs. I definitely need more yellow accessories.

I carried a vintage sadle bag style purse that fits a lot more than the handbags I usually prefer. But it even fits my new DSLR camera, so it's gotten a lot of use this summer.

It's too hot and humid here to even think about setting my hair and wearing it down (I admit, I can't stand having hair on my neck when it's hot out!), so I twisted the front up in a bit of a pompadour at one side and wore a bun. The navy flower earrings I made myself.

All in all it was a fun day, in a fun outfit. I went outside my usual style boundaries a wee bit and feel pretty good about it!

Look out soon for a couple of giveaways. I was planning one already, and another awhile later once I hit 300 followers, but it seems I reached 300 while I was off working. (Wow!) So keep your eyes peeled for some fun things, soon!


  1. Yay! It's wonderful to have a new post from you to read. I've been in manic work mode myself, so I understand how it goes, but this post was a bright, cheery delight to see waiting for me in my RSS feed today.

    That dress is so cute and fun. I love how in some "folk" or less fancy home made clothing they would get creative with trim or contrasting fabric grains to add interest in otherwise basic patterns. And I love the yellow too. It's such a fun highlight in an outfit. Red, blue and yellow is such a fun color combination. I am 67% happier after reading this post! ha!

  2. The dress is so much fun and I adore the belt to bits and pieces! Such a cute ensemble.

  3. that belt is just adorable so much that you can do with it!

  4. Nothing beats a cute cotton dress in the Summer time. Cotton dresses with front pockets are always a favorite of mine! Cute outfit!


  5. ahhh, that is an amazing dress....and your NAILS! BRILLIANT! So glad you're back. I don't know HOW I missed your wedding photos post. Off to peruse now.

  6. YAY! Welcome back--glad you made it through the work-heavy period! The outfit is fantastic and I love those belts!!!

  7. The outfit works brilliantly together. LOVE The belt! Will be checking out that store pronto! :)

  8. Glad you survived all that work! :) Could your outfit be any cuter?! I love the dress, how you paired it with one of Cassie's belts (I wear the two I have from her all the time! ;), and the yellow accents. So summery and yet fun! The half-moon manicure is lovely too; I've been meaning to give it a try with something other than red, and I think I might do that this evening. ;)

  9. Love the pairing of colors and patterns! Red and shades of turquoise is my favorite!! Its so nice to have you back in the blogging world. I always enjoy seeing what you're up to. Plus I love the manicure...I've been contemplating getting a moon manicure lately since my nails have grown out and aren't getting damaged at work. I think you've made my mind up for me.

  10. I love all of the colors and prints! That bird buckle is too cute for words. You look fabulous!

  11. Love the little birdie belt - its really pretty x

  12. Wow, that is one G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Saddle Bag. Just stunning.

  13. love your outfit.the belt and clogs look fab together.Ad I absolutley love your nails.I always love blues.Your bag is amazing,love the detail.x

  14. The stripes & pockets on your dress are perfect, I like mixing the red/blue with yellow too. It's hard to find vintage purses that are large enough to hold a dSLR, you definitely found a stylish one!

  15. Welcome back!!! Your outfit is so much fun I can hardly stand it! Your clogs are so cute. I need a new pair--I used to wear Gretel's Clogs and then they went out of business! :-(

  16. Thank you everyone!! ♥

    @Lauren Hairston That's unfortunate! The place I ordered my Sven Clogs seems to have been eaten up by another store that doesn't sell them. At least you can buy them direct but the other place had free shipping. Boo.

  17. Glad to see you back :) So tiresome when work gets in the way of, well, everything!
    Such a great dress too - how fab are those pockets!

  18. Ah you look so cute, love that dress! Nice to see you back, I'm back too, just going to post today too. Hate being out of the loop!


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