Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ivory sweaters

I've been trying to decide what color and brand of yarn I'd like to use for the Briar Rose Knit-Along. And I've come to a decision on color. Well, it's sort of a color. Potential stains be damned, I'm going with: ivory.

Because I really need a versatile short-sleeved sweater. And apparently, ivory is a good go-to color for me. As I sat thinking about colors, I said to myself, "Yes, I have a vintage ivory cardigan, for the same reason. This is a good idea."

"Actually, I have two ivory cardigans."

"Oh... actually, I have four ivory cardigans."

Yes, there they are, hanging in my closet, sandwiched between a yellow cardigan on the right and a probably-60s-era stranded yoke ski pullover on the left. (And yes I admit, I do hang most of my sweaters for lack of drawer space, but I don't hang my hand knitted ones.) Each is similar yet different, all with their own perfect uses.

The bottom one has a completely sequined yoke, so it's really only for fancier occasions. The next one up is actually a shrug, and gets the most use out of them all (and is a batwing shape that my friend Elisa and I have studied so we can knit a similar one someday). The one on top of that is a lovely beaded one that works nicely over blouses or buttoned all the way up. And the top one of the bunch is also beaded, but a tighter fit, so it goes well over dresses without making me look dumpy.

I know I'm not alone out there with multiples of wardrobe favorites. Fess up! What do you have multiples of (and for very good reasons as well, naturally) in your closet?


  1. We're not counting the fact that I have slightly fewer than 30 pair of ... black ... shoes ...

  2. WOW beautifull cardi collection. Ivory ones are the most beautifull and perfect for the blue black hair gals like you :)
    I've killed an angora one in the washing machine :[ too lazy to wash with my white lil hands ha ha ha !!! Definitively it's not for barbarian as me ha ha ha

  3. Lovely cardi collection! I love beaded cardis though I have never owned one, which when I say that I find that weird, ah well! Multiples of things, mmm not sure actually, I know I must have as I have far too many clothes - most of which don't fit eeek.

    And btw if you're looking for a shrug pattern with batwing sleeves, I think I may have one but I'd have to search my stash

  4. ye, I tend to buy the same things again and again.
    Round or oval silver Victorian brooches.
    classic paisley scarves

  5. I tend to buy just a few colors of anything--browns, greens, burgundies, navies, but I'm stepping out of the usual and making my Briar Rose in a pastel, which will go really well with navy! ;-)

  6. I have umpteen million red/burgundy and teal sweaters (not together). Those just seem to be my two go-to colors. You'll never see yellow in my closet though.

  7. I have a number of colour sweaters... but my ivory one gets the most wear.... if only i could knit... i would make another!

  8. I also have a number of cardigans, I am obsessed with them :)

  9. I'm the worst with dress belts. I have something like six different, black vinyl, vintage dress belts of varying widths and lengths that drive me insane. My poor fiance runs around the house with me minutes before I'm supposed to leave for whatever occasion holding them up like shiny snakes. Babu: "Is it this one?!" Lisa: "No, it's the skinny one! The skinnier of the two skinny ones! That's the widest of the wide ones! The one with the square buckle! That one's round! I can't wear this dress without it!"

    PS Love your cardigans (I mean, duh).

  10. You guys are too funny!

    @CleverClementine and they were always one stinkin' size too big for me to borrow! Not that I'm bitter or anything.

    @THE BIG MAMA INTROSPECTION Oh no! Sad shrunk angora sweater. I am a bit of a barbarian myself too but hand wash my sweaters since I'm used to it with my knitting. LOL

    @Straight Talking Mama! Beaded cardis were the first thing vintage thing I ever started collecting, way back in high school! If you do ever turn up a batwing shrug pattern, please do let me know!

    @Boo Boo Kitty You should totally learn to knit! Then the sky is your limit!

    @Lisa OMG let's switch multiples, shall we? I NEVER have the right belt. It is a huge hole in my wardrobe, I have dresses I can't wear because I don't have a basic belt in a color that would work with them. Must rectify!

  11. I keep buying and knitting brown sweaters without ever finding any pants the right shade to go with them.

    There is a JCrew cabled sweater, circa 1993 that I have in every color (6). It is the warmest thing I own. And yes, I have one on today. Navy blue. :)

  12. I have at least 5 black cardis, but they are all slightly different and very useful!
    I'm also thinking of doing my Brair Rose in ivory or cream with flecks in it.

  13. Teal colored tops, I know, why, right? Maybe because my eyes are green.

  14. Such lovely sweaters! (To go with this lovely blog!)

    I have WAY too many multiples. But my favorite multiples are Pendleton jackets. Living in Northern CA, they are all year 'round wear! I call it the "Lucy in Connecticut Look." :)

  15. Hi, I have dedicated a post to your site in my vintage collection:
    Hope you like.

  16. @Sparkleneely Ooooh I adore Pendletons too! I have a small collection of those as well. ;)

    @vicen Gosh thank you so much! What a great collection, I'm honored to be included!

  17. Bright blue blouses - isn't that a weird thing to have multiples of? I tend to pick out the same colour of fabric over and over.

    If I could knit, I'd love to join the knit-a-long! Planning to learn this year :)

  18. @Tasia Bright blue is so cheery! You should definitely learn to knit this year. I'm sure I'll be running more knit-alongs in the future! ;D

  19. Pillbox hats. And I never ever wear them. But I just can't resist buying them!

  20. My boyfriend says that all my vintage clothes look the same because I love summer clothes. I love sun dresses, halter dresses, shorts, Hawaiian. I basically have multiples of all of these. And I counted my vintage halter tops once and I have 29 of them. Seriously.


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